Beware the shadows filled with dread.  This week’s epic secret project is Marc of the Vampires.  Written and drawn by the legendary Neil Vokes!

Marc of the Vampires

Marc of the Vampires

My dear kittlings, this week’s interview is a bit late but certainly not least.  Neil Vokes‘ contributes to SECRET PROJECT this week with his story MARC OF THE VAMPIRES.  Vokes is a legend and having him aboard SECRET PROJECT was truly an honor.  I asked Neil a few questions about his past, present and future in comics.  Read it here Enjoy!

Thats all Volkes.

That's all Volkes.

Check it! Sam Little brings you what I can only assume is an everyday occurrence for him, that crazy bastard! This is FUZZY FUCKING NAVEL.

Fuzzy Fucking Navel

Fuzzy Fucking Navel

Brand-E-New Creator Interview with Sam Little the creator of next week’s Secret Project: FUZZY FUCKING NAVEL.  Check out all his fancy words over at Ms. Brickthrower’s own NO REST FOR THE WRETCHED.

Sam Little draws from his imagination.

Sam Little draws from reality.

Watch yourself, these wanted men have the death sentence in 12 alleys.  This dark tale by Will Swyer, Ziggy Blumenthal, Scotty Law is killer!  Click out– THE MUGGING

The Mugging

The Mugging

You my friend better get your amp on for next week’s great new SECRET PROJECT– THE MUGGING.

Get yourself optimally primed for next week’s story by clicking up this exclusive interview with artist, Ziggy Blumenthal on NO REST FOR THE WRETCHED.

SECRET PROJECT #4 Creator Interview with Ziggy on NO REST FOR THE WRETCHED.

Ziggy Blumenthal tastes funny.

Ziggy Blumenthal tastes funny.

What happens when bad dreams come true?  Find out in this week’s SECRET PROJECT installment, THE POWER OF NEGATIVE THINKING.  Click the image below to get start reading what Thommy Melanson, Pat Loika, and Thomas Mauer have cooked up.


The Power Of Negative Thinking

PS- What do you think of that?  Please be sure and leave questions or comments for the creators! Thx.

LOOK- at this great new interview with Pat Loika and letterer Thomas Mauer, some of the creators of our third story, THE POWER OF NEGATIVE THINKING is up on NO REST FOR THE WRETCHED.  Check it out.  THE POWER OF NEGATIVE THINKING will be posted next week!

Pat Lokia is keeping an eye on you.

Pat Loika has his eye on you.

Welcome to the brand sparkling new jewel of the interwebz– SECRET PROJECT!

This time it’s Tommie Kelly’s Road Crew. For more of this great web series go to Check out the story by clicking the image below!


Road Crew