BEN – (Letters, NOT THIS TIME) When Ben isn’t busy lettering comics for Jef, he’s creating comics for his website NAKED GRAPE COMICS including POOP OFFICE, a comic about poops that work in an office. He also contributes to the DAILY NOW, a comedy website he created with his friend Albert with jokes and commentary about important comic book related subjects.

ZIGGY BLUMENTHAL – (Art Director; Art, THE MUGGING) Ziggy is an illustrator, animator, and self-publisher. He draws the comics SIDEKICKED! and OPERATION PAJAMA PANTS, published through his own Fake McCoy Comics. He also does the weekly web comic CHRIS WNUK: SECRET JEW and stars in the hilariously offensive CORNERKICKED. Ziggy is from New Jersey and is a self-loathing fry-hater.

MARY E. BRICKTHROWER – (Editor In Chief; Writer, INCINERATOR) Mary E. Brickthrower has been writing about comics and pop culture since 2002 via several interweb channels with NO REST FOR THE WRETCHED being the most recent and steady incarnation of her column.  Her collaboration with M. Sean McManus in the story INCINERATOR is her first comic but hopefully not her last.  You can contact Brickthrower for editing / proofreading at MARYEBRICKTHROWER AT YAHOO DOT COM.  Also please feel free to follow her on Twitter by clicking HERE.

JOHN BROGLIA – (Pin-up Art, MARC OF THE VAMPIRES) John Broglia is a new up and coming artist who received his start working side by side with William Tucci on the independent success of ZOMBIE SAMA. He is now working on his first ongoing series, GOD COMPLEX, with creators Michael Avon Oeming, Daniel Berman and Image Comics. You can find John and view his work on Facebook as well as and

JEFF BROWN – (Writer, FLAG OF TEARS) Jeff currently lives in Canada where he can be found abusing his xbox much like his redheaded step children. His muses are his wife, his dog (Odin) and his xbox. Check out

JEFFREY C. BURANDT – (Writer, NOT THIS TIME) Jeffrey C. Burandt, a/k/a Jef UK, is the frontman for AMERICANS UK, a Brooklyn-based rock band. He also publishes the band’s sci-fi adventure comics and is the writer for Odd Scnhozz and the Odd Squad from Oni Press. Jef has a MFA in fiction writing from Brooklyn College, and stays exceptionally busy writing prose, comics and music. You can find his work at and

DONAL DELAY – (THE MEETING) Independent artist. Storyteller. Whore for hire. Embarrassingly resides in Florida where he works on various anthologies as he toils away on mini-comics and graphic novels.

TIM DANIEL – (Pin-up Art, TALES OF A COMIC BOOK ZOMBIE) Born in Philly, raised in Northern California, and now living in Montana, Tim discovered comics at about the time Jean Grey was sacrificing herself on a hidden moon base way back yonder. Tim has contributed in various ways to series such as POWERS, MICS TEMPLAR, GOD COMPLEX, SKY PIRATES OF NEO TERRA, EXISTENCE 2.0, FORGETLESS, SHUDDERTOWN, and more! His first original story was published in the acclaimed anthology POPGUN VOL. 2, from Image Comics and he is happy to say his zombie pin-up in SECRET PROJECT is his first published art!

REVEREND DAVE JOHNSON – (Pin-up Art, INCINERATOR)  The Reverend is best known for his work on every single cover of the Vertigo title 100 BULLETS in addition to being the driving force in the design of the original BEN 10 cartoon series.  His comic book phenomenom “Drink & Draw Social Club” sparked copycat groups all throughout the world.  His art and design is only surpassed by his impressive height.  Check out Dave’s official deviantART page, DEVIL PIG.

TOMMIE KELLY – (ROAD CREW) Born 25 july 1977, Tommie Kelly is a writer-artist from Ardee, County Louth, and the creator of the webcomics THE END (a post-apocalyptic murder mystery, now defunct) and the ongoing Road Crew, a humour strip (loosely) based on his experiences as a roadie and sound engineer for rock bands. The first ROAD CREW collection “Electric Ladyland” was released in November 2009. The second collection “For Sale” is due for release March 2010. A new ongoing Bi-monthly ROAD CREW comic is set to be published in January 2010. Until then check out


SAM LITTLE (FUZZY FUCKING NAVEL) Sam Little writes and draws UNTRUE TALES and writes THE HAMMER among other things. He lives in Norway in a castle of frozen beer.

PAT LOIKA – (Artist, THE POWER OF NEGATIVE THINKING) Pat Loika is a San Diego based writer and illustrator with aspirations of world domination. His work has appeared in various anthologies like Image’s OUTLAW TERRITORY, and in graphic novels like BLACKLISTED. You can find him at and

THOMAS MAUER – (Letters, THE POWER OF NEGATIVE THINKING) Thomas Mauer letters, edits, produces, and designs for many companies and occasionally writes his own stories as well. He’s done work on such books as AWAKENING, BAD DOG, OUTLAW TERRITORY, RAPTURE, SHRINK, STORM CHASER, and webcomics like CONTROPUSSY and THE GUNS OF SHADOW VALLEY.

M. SEAN MCMANUS – (Assistant Editor; Writer, INCINERATOR)  M. Sean McManus brings a violent, irreverent, sarcastic, and sometimes ironic voice to the world to comic books.  His comic writing has been published by both Image Comics and Silent Devil.  M. Sean’s work in television has be seen on FOX, TLC, SyFy, The Food Network, and even  In 2009 McManus directed the animated prequel to 20th Century Fox’s MAX PAYNE now available on DVD.  M. Sean is also the world’s largest consumer of dark chocolate covered espresso beans, beating all other nations by nearly 40%.  If Ziggy is reading this bio, everyone now knows that he hates french fries.


DAVID A. MILLER – (Artist, THIRTY-THOUSAND FEET) David Miller: When not with friends David is an active comic book penciler and artist based out of NY where he runs his studio. First published in 2005 His work accomplishments include successful relationships with an assortment of brilliant Entertainment arts based individuals and organizations: Andreas Carlson , BOOM! Studios , Carnival Comics , Elias Arts LLC, Image Comics, Overcast Studios, Bluewater Productions, Revolution Comics and Digital webbing. He can be found at

MICHAEL AVON OEMING – (Cover Artist) Learn all about Mike here at his official web site:

LEONARD O’GRADY – (Cover Art Colorist) Comic artist Len O’Grady has been working in comics since 1996, and has worked for Marvel, Image, IDW, 2000AD/Judge Dredd in the UK and Delcourt in France. He’s also available for childrens parties, but we’d not recommend it. Check out his site at

JEFF POWELL – (Logo Design) Some say it was Jeff Powell’s design sense that first brought light into our dark little world. But probably it was stellar fusion. Jeff has lettered and designed for Marvel, Archie, Image, Red 5 Comics and more! Though he mastered the Unfathomable Demon Cut, he has vowed to never use it (except that one time).

BRIAN QUINN – (Artist, INCINERATOR) Brian is an illustrator and comic book cartoonist that has bounced around in visual arts for years as well as other non-related fields like sports entertainment. Brian is currently tied to a few projects in the developmental stage including a book with Rockstar Game’s Lazlow Jones.

ROB REILLY – (Artist, FLAG OF TEARS) Rob Reilly has been pursuing a career as a full-time comic book artist for the past ten years. He has self published 5 books, one of which has earned him a small feature in Wizard Magazine (Convention Confessional), been a featured pin-up artist in several Image & Red 5 Comic titles and has two graphic novels soon to be released in 2010 through Outlaw Entertainment (IMAGINARY FRIENDS: SPECIAL FRIENDS UNIT, PLANET ZOO) Reilly is currently involved in the development of several comic book properties and is available for hire. For additional information, please visit his blog at: or email him directly at: skatoonprod at optonline dot net.

RONALD SALAS – (Artist, NOT THIS TIME) Ron designs shirts by day and draws comic art by night. His shirts can be seen in Planet Hollywood, Hard Rock Cafe, and Yosemite National Park among others. He’s lived in the Philippines, Canada, and now the US but tries to be a citizen of the world.

TOM SCHLOENDORN – (Inks, THE MUGGING) Tom is a freelance inker,whos work include TRAILER PARK OF TERROR, and the award winning TALES OF THE STARLIGHT DRIVE-IN. Tom also contributes to the Inkwell, which is a nonprofit group of Pro and Semi Pro inkers. More of Tom’s work can be seen at his site and


ERNIE STINER – (Pin-up Art, NOT THIS TIME) Ernie Stiner worked as a freelance artist in the 1990’s, appearing in Now Comics, DC Comics and most notably on Marvel Comics‘ NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. After writing and drawing eighteen episodes of the magazine strip Superteen he returned to a career in manufacturing. Currently, all of the creative output Ernie manages to produce in his free can be seen at

WILL SWYER – (Writer, THE MUGGING) Will worked as an editorial adviser on MICE TEMPLAR: PROPHESY. He lives and writes in Philadelphia, PA.

NEIL VOKES – (MARC OF THE VAMPIRES) Neil’s been telling stories in comic books professionally now for over 26 years. Among the many comics Neil has drawn in that time are ROBOTECH MASTERS; EAGLE; SUPERMAN ADVENTURES; TARZAN THE WARRIOR; LIFE, THE UNIVERSE AND EVERYTHING; UNTOLD TALES OF SPIDER-MAN; JONNY DEMON; CONGORILLA; NINJAK; PARLIAMENT OF JUSTICE; THE BLACK FOREST 1 & 2 and THE WICKED WEST 1 & 2. Neil has also drawn chapter illos for two film books: IN ALL SINCERITY, PETER CUSHING by Chris Gullo and VINCENT PRICE: THE ART OF FEAR by Denis Meikle. He is currently drawing a new horror comic series called FLESH & BLOOD with his long time partner and friend, Robert Tinnell.

MICHAEL WOODS – (Writer, THIRTY-THOUSAND FEET) Michael Woods is a writer and editor who’s worked with various publishers including DC, Image and Dark Horse. He currently resides in Southern California, which is good because the cold sucks.

ZEES – (THE MISSION; Pin-up Art, WHEN ZOMBIES ATTACK) ZEES lives in Jersey City. Besides making comics, ZEES is a muralist, animator, and illustrator (the last two pay the bills). He is currently working on an animation called ONE ROOM, which is about not forgetting your history and identity just because you have to get by. Check out his progress at or his work at email: thekillerzees at