Everyone has one. “SECRET PROJECT” is a phrase that is thrown around in the comic book industry; it’s the art or script that keeps creators going, their ‘baby,’ and while it may be kept hidden away, it is usually something the creator is bursting to share.  SECRET PROJECT is the outlet for our contributors’ best and most personal work.

Whether it be a superhero that fails epically, a desolate industrial future where the only salvation is insanity, or even an alternate history where communism conquers the USA, SECRET PROJECT offers many different stories and styles that will appeal to a wide audience.

SECRET PROJECT features work from fresh talent and established creators alike.  With comics crafted by Jeffery C. Burandt, Ronald Salas, Thommy Melanson, Pat Loika, Will Swyer, Ziggy Blumenthal, Neil Vokes, Donal Delay, Sam Little, ZeeS, M. Sean McManus, Brian Quinn, Mary E. Brickthrower, Jeff Brown, Rob Reilly, Michael Woods, David Miller, and Tommie Kelly; SECRET PROJECT provides a vision of comics future stars.  Art lovers will go gaga for the pin-ups by Dave Johnson, Taki Soma, John Broglia, Ernie Stiner and Tim Daniel while the cover by Michael Avon Oeming will blow them away.