Yes girls and boys, the moment your entire life has been leading up to is about to happen– SECRET PROJECT is going live in two short weeks!  Please take a moment to soak in the glory of our “Cover” by the most excellent Michael Avon Oeming.  Colours (colors to us yanks) provided by the great Leonard O’Grady.  And don’t ever forget for one second that our fantastic SECRET PROJECT logo was designed by the über talented Jeff Powell.   Thanks guys!

Please note that SECRET PROJECT comics will be updated on a bi-bi-weekly basis.  New comics are posted two weeks apart, but creator interviews are posted every two weeks too.  Make sense?  Every week new content.  One week comic, the next week an interview and so on and so forth… too much babbling, I know.  Ready to jump in?  Here we go!

Art by Mike Oeming, and Len OGrady

Art by Mike Oeming, and Len O'Grady

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